What is SEM?

Marketing in the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the development of that market, both in the world and also in Poland. One of the main term in this area is SEM, which is related to the natural internet searching or with paid links.

SEM is the acronym of Search Engine Marketing. It is based on promotional activities including web optimization or sponsored links campaigns. These actions provide the best position of a particular service in the search results for the selected words (keyword phrases) typed in a search query by a user. The Internet search engine fulfills the role of a communication channel. SEM uses its potential to reach, interest and attract the Internet users who are also a potential customers.

This form of online advertising is based on the use of appropriate methods and tools to attract as many Internet users potentially interested in selected products, services, information as possible. It was formed in the late 90s. The term itself was introduced in 2001 by Danny Sullivan. Today, SEM is the easiest and the most effective way to reach the target group of the Internet users.

Search engine marketing is often described by the following equation SEM = SEO + PPC, where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is known as "positioning" and PPC (Pay Per Click) redirects the user. This means that the promotion in the browsers is realized by these two categories.

SEO is a long term process. Frequently the first results of the optimization occur even after a few weeks or months. This term is supposed to carry out such a marketing efforts so that the Web page was on a very high position in the search results.

PPC – the campaigns of paid links are various types of links and sponsored boxes that are issued on the prominent or preferable places of the output pages. They refer to a word or phrase. This type of advertising is usually displayed on the right side of the search results (set out in column as a one result after another, in the form of ad slots), or appears above the results as an advertising link. PPC is a very flexible tool, because it gives you the ability to quickly launch campaigns, as well as to model the phrases or slogans and the price of the "bids", which is the maximum price per click.

Search Engine Marketing has many benefits. It provides in particular:

  • Efficiency (the most beneficial relation between the results and the investment)

  • Friendliness of the advertising (according to the research this is the most pleasant and most acceptable way of internet advertising, not intrusive, and for positioning-many Internet users are not even aware of its existence)

  • Targeting (targeting the specific keywords makes that the ad reaches its potentially most interested Internet users)

The biggest advantage of SEM is the ability of getting considerable benefits in a very short time (thanks to advertising boxes and links) or slightly longer (website positioning). Advertising intensity, depending on your preference, can be freely controlled.